Getting Started

January 1, 0001

  git clone$(GITHUB_USER)/nav-e.git
  cd nav-e
  git checkout -b your-feature


To enable developers and users alike to use, extend and compose a flexible navigation system that runs anywhere.


There are two sides to the project:
Both the sides aim to be independant of each other and communicate with each other using REST/RPC.

  1. Frontend -
    We want to provide drivers of electric vehicles with practical solutions, that is, with optimal driving direction for their route. For that we are developing a platform independent navigation system. The current implementation of frontend uses react elements and is made of many small components like :

    • Reference web app
    • Prototyping tool
    • Visualizer

The complete webapp source and setup instructions can be found here

  1. Backend -
    We want to develop tools for scientifically analyzing algorithmic solutions. For that we are developing tools for visualization of algorithms, for comparing their performance, we want to provide a generic API for custom algorithms and a lot more. Currently the backend is in the process of being rewritten using new tools and frameworks. The proposed architecture has the following components (links included) :