Proposal Template

January 1, 0001

If you want to apply for the Google Summer of Code as a student for nav-e, please use the following template.

Project Title

Give a title and probably a reference to the ideas page. You can also add a short description of one or two sentences. This is a pitch to get our attention :)

About Me

Write a little about yourself. Describe your experience and skills, and your academic background. What makes you interesting (for the project)? What projects have you already contributed to? Also, please give your full name and email address.

Project Details

Describe in detail, what you are going to contribute and how this helps the nav-e project. Here we expect a detailed description. Well explained diagrams/images are a good thing to have.

You should also add a list of deliverables. That is: Describe what you are promising to do (and what not). This should be realistic regarding three months of GSoC.

Please keep in mind, that simple migration projects (switching to another framework) are most probably not being considered.


Describe your planned timeline. Even though this is a rough sketch, imagine a possible timeline and describe it week-wise. Ideally, you would also describe alternatives if you would encounter problems during the project.